Marc Anthony Strictly Curls

The Marc AnthonyStrictly Curls Curl Defining cream, has quickly become one of my favorite hair products.  It lets my hair curl and stay bouncy without weighing it down.  Also, it has a built in humidity shield, which initially drew me in, but it keeps the humidity off of my hair, and leaves it smooth.  This product leaves my hair bouncy and shiny and frizz free.   I have found that it works better now that my hair is shorter, my hair looks much curlier now, as compared to before where it was long waves.

I purchased mine at Walgreens for around $8.00, but I find that there are sales quite often, so you might be able to purchase it for less than that.

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Updates and Some Hair Revelations

I admit, I am horrible at blogging.  Granted, I had the hardest semester of my life this summer, but now I want to update consistently.  This summer was the first time I had ever done a summer semester at school.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the courses I had, but over all I did quite well.  The hardest part about the summer courses was the time that I was in the courses.  One class was all summer, and the other two were both six weeks long.  My first six week course was accounting.  If you have never taken accounting, you probably will, and if you never had to take it, then consider yourself lucky.  It is a challenging course, and if you don’t have a very good teacher then it may be close to impossible.  After I was done with that class, the summer flew by and now school starts up again on monday.  

Now, on to the more interesting stuff that might actually interest you.  Recently I have become more interested in everything related to Pinterest, and DIYs, specifically those that relate to beauty.  I had run out of my deep conditioner that I had been using, but didn’t want to go buy more, so I decided to browse Pinterest to see what I could find.  Since I am inpatient, I decided to use the first link I found, and the results were great.  I have thin, wavy, frizzy, dull hair.  Sounds like a weird combination, but I’ve learned to deal with it.  The directions said to mix three tablespoons of coconut oil and one tablespoon of olive oil together and leave on hair for twenty minutes.  When I rinsed it out I was amazed with the results.  My hair was incredibly soft and almost shiny.   I say almost because no matter how much Moroccan oil I put in my hair it looks dull and lifeless, even if it is just washed.  

This brings me to my next hair revelation.  Like I stated before, I have thin hair.  Whenever there is a new product that comes out claiming to make your hair thicker, I am the first one in Walgreens buying it.  Well, I have found the answer.  I walked into my kitchen yesterday, and my mom had a couple boxes of gelatin in her hands.  She told me that mixing the gelatin into my shampoo would make my hair appear thicker due to the protein.  So, i decided to try it, and the results were outstanding.  My hair looks thicker and has more volume.  In case you want to try it the brand of gelatin is Knox, and it is unsweetened and unflavored.  

If you want to try these two things, go for it.  Most likely you already have olive oil, and the gelatin is inexpensive.  The only thing that might be a bit pricier is the coconut oil, but I’m sure that you can but a small amount to try.  I think that I may have found a couple of things that actually work for my hair, and I will return with an update in a future post.